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Padra Clinic start to provide many of specialist services to customers, including transplant natural hair for men and women which last lifelong also transplant the beard , eyebrows and cure the effects of scars.

Call Center

We are providing a 24/7 call center support program to handle calls by our clients and converting calls to scheduled appointments.

100% Guaranteed Results

Because we trust our medical potential; we give you a certificate of guarantee signed by our professional physicians.

Satisfied Customers

Over 5,00,000 peoples are satisfied in our treatments, and almost 220,000 implants are already done successfully and counting...

Online Appointment

We Offer our patients the ability to make online appointments 24/7. Managing your appointments with calendars make an efficient schedule for your convenience.

Signed Contract

I Padra we provide complete care for your hair with the life long guarantee, we provide this facility through the certification.

Free Medical Consultations

We provide free medical Consultations before and after the implant


Countries That Patients Are Coming From




Hair Transplants Per Day


Successful Transplantions

Nano Micro Technology

This new, Nano Technology allows one's own hair to multiply instantly in
never before seen perfection as if done by magic.

It is extraction and transfer of the hair without causing any shock to the patient, which unfortunately is commonly used in other methods used in surgery and hair transplants. The new technology that we use is a method Nano Micro and the success is guaranty 100%, comparing to conventional methods in cutting the scalp, which may cause damage to the hair or events abnormalities in the scalp itself, this method gives natural results 100 % and it working to get the highest possible level of density and hair can be treated and Restoration by additional work sessions as needed in order to get the desired results in the shortest possible time as it becomes difficult to distinguish between it and natural hair.

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Hair transplantation is recommended for people to
regain their charisma.

Male Hair Transplant

Baldness is one of the most common hair loss problems that affects men all around the world.

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Beard & Moustache Transplant

Some people consider the beard and moustache as one of the main traits of an attractive man.

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Eyebrows Transplant

Non-Surgical procedures is considered one of the most important choices in the cosmetic

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Women Hair Transplant

Hair has fascinated humans since the beginning of time, and it is normal to feel concerned

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We Offer

We are offering number of features to customers to maintain a healthy relationship

Free Consultations

We are providing a free medical consultation for you from Our expert doctors.

Only By Doctors

We provide the very best services by certified doctors from the best In Middle East.

Results To Lifetime

It provides a natural results for lifetime and is Guaranteed by a guaranty certificate.

Signed Contract

It provides a natural results for lifetime and is Guaranteed by a guaranty certificate.

Best Accomodation

We will help you to find the best accomodation that suits your needs and budget.

Personal Driver

Our driver will be with you through the whole trip with no additional fees.

Translation Ready

Our translation team in the hospital helps you to provide better communication.

Medical Package

All the treatments you need after the operation will be our gift to you.

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