Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

It is extraction and transfer of the hair without causing any shock to the patient, which unfortunately is commonly used in other methods used in surgery and hair transplants. The new technology that we use is a method Nano Scop and the success is guaranty 100%, comparing to conventional methods in cutting the scalp, which may cause damage to the hair or events abnormalities in the scalp itself, this method gives natural results 100 % and it working to get the highest possible level of density and hair can be treated and Restoration by additional work sessions as needed in order to get the desired results in the shortest possible time as it becomes difficult to distinguish between it and natural hair.

Eyebrow Transplantation

Nano Scop method is working on the transplant of hair by hair from the back side of the head and aspects to be transplanted in places which needed and here we are unique in this field we have the art of hair transplant because must be cared to transplant hair in the direction that suits them so that person can doing any haircut which is suitable for him.

How Nano Scop working

At the time when many people are using cosmetics to give eyebrows a more intensely look or increasing the density of eyelashes which lost its fertility, this daily routine still steal a precious time, and it is only a temporary solution. Now the hair transplant specialist has enough skill in various hair transplant techniques to compensate the lack of hair not only in the head area.

According to statistics recently published by the World Association of Hair Restoration to its members (the medical world leader in hair loss and cultivation), that 93.4% of hair transplant that has worked around the world in 2010 were in the head and 6.6% of them worked in areas of the body not on the head area, 4.4% for the eyebrows, 1.5% on the face, mustache and chin, and they reported that the difference which causes hair loss in some patient in the areas not of the head caused by genetic or accidents, and these reasons occurred a deep confident for the person in himself regarding his look and may be it cause a negative aspects at personal and professional life and because of continued progress in the technology of hair transplant, the hair loss and its lack density in places other than the head can be cured as well as anywhere in the body.

Since in Padra Center for Hair transplant curing many kinds of hair loss (in the head) as well as in the eyebrows. We believe that the demand for hair transplant to areas other than the head will be more than in previous years, and the number of patients who want a permanent solution to hair loss problems will increase as well, because the hair transplant have a major impact on the psyche of the person and his self-confidence as well as giving him more attractive and youthful look.

Planting & Restoration Of Beard & Mustache

The problem of black hair in the mustache and beard for men spread equally between them and according to the culture and temperament of community make young people going to the clinics to find a solution for it.

Reasons For Non-appearance Hair In The Beard & Mustache Area are

  • Disease as skin infection and fungi‚Äôs.
  • Lips cut or cleft lip.
  • Accidents, burns and injuries result of road accidents.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Genetic factor, and there are other factors.

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