Laser Skin

Laser Skin

By our ability to control the length of the wave we can get the special effects with specific qualities with strongly vital impact can make, also we can focus on small points or larger areas according to the requirements of the medical condition. These qualities made the laser more types of influence physicist widely used in medicine, especially in treating skin lesions because of the easily accessible and versatile of this lesions creates the ability for the use of different types of lasers to get effects from removing a thin layers not exceeding ten millimeter of skin or influence on lesion with a special color in order to remove them using a special laser frequency and wavelength to absorbed this colored lesion without others , and a very small destructive effects in the depth of the bulb to remove unwanted hair.

Foregoing shows that the laser is not one thing but rather a set of devices used different materials such as (carbon dioxide, argon, Alroben, erbium, etc.) to get the radiation laser wavelength specific intent to cause a major influence for treatment, since the laser second carbon dioxide, which absorbs most of the water and not effective for the treatment of colored birthmarks. And the laser Alaag which is characterized by deeply impact not fit for Peel operations and remove the surface layer of the skin with scars.

Therefore the physician must determine precisely the type defect in the skin and must be familiar with types of lasers which available, and what is the possibilities for them to desired the effect which required to get rid of the defect and the number of sessions which required also explain this to the patient who may have a perception of a former that the laser is a magical beam and it represents the last technological innovations that can resolve all problems quickly and easily and to explain it easily for the people we will review more types of lasers used in the present time, with a focus on the characteristics, potential and the cases in which use this kind of treatment on skin diseases.

Types Of Lasers Used In Treatments

Laser carbon dioxide Continue Duration of treatment vary depending on the situation and the type of surgery also used in surgery of the eyelids hanging, the side effects depend on the tool used and the nature and color of skin.Laser carbon dioxide PULSE is used to treat facial wrinkles deep and is under local anesthesia and is characterized by very effectively on deep wrinkles, and leave marks on the skin you need a month or two months to go away these side effects where disappears redness, which requires the use of cosmetics to cover laser effects in this period, and can be applied to types of dark skin after subjecting them to special treatment before.

Erbium – Aag (ERBIUM) using this type of laser effectively to Smooth large or small wrinkles surface in the face, neck and hands, is working out under anesthesia using anesthetic cream may result in its use redness lasts a period ranging from two weeks to four weeks, and can be applied several consecutive times on the hands and must be between sessions at least a year, knowing that applied to deep wrinkles have limited results.

Dermaka Carbon Dioxide Erbium is used very effectively in the treatment of both surface and deep wrinkles , can be used on dark skins because it does not leave light stains on the skin on local anesthesia, and effect redness ranging for two to six weeks, and advised not to be used on the hands and neck area.

Cole Touch is used to smooth wrinkles surface and give freshness on the eyelids and mouth area which is painful and it is applied not to continue a single session more than five minutes and take treatment from four to six sessions .

Laser Pigmentosa have the ability to remove stains and tattoos and requires persistence in prolonged treatment between six to eight sessions and has excellent results on the classic tattoo.

YAG can be applied to different kinds of skins light and dark and it used to remove blue, black, brown and red tattoos after using the cream of local anesthetic, it done by a number of sessions that take several months to permanently remove tattoos.

Alexandrite curing the scars resulting from crackers accidents and radiotherapy.

These types of lasers complement each other and the results depend on skin color and depth of the tattoo at the skin.

To cure the cheeks redness or the accompaniments spots with the birth on the face can use other types of lasers, including:

  • Laser Argonused the blood vessels on the isolated large face and medium-sized and can be applied at dark skins after preparation for it, the session about fifteen minutes after topical anesthesia, may appear some scars that disappear after a short period and may remain in some cases, so it is preferable to use other types of lasers and keep this type of laser for intractable cases.
  • Laser colored intermittent(PULSE) is used to treat the pink infection that infect the facial area and to cure angiomas and usually used local anesthesia, only if the treated area is large or when applied to children they use general anesthesia, and also can be used to treat cracks, but the results are not encouraging for that, for its side effects may leave blue spots covering the treated area lasts for ten days until they disappear.
  • Laser (KTP)is used for the redness in the face and on the blood vessels in the feet, it does not require anesthesia because it is painless and is the best cure for the pink infection in the face and nose, but does not fit deep angiomas, for side effects remain clear for four days.
  • Laser Vasculight used to cure the blood vessels in the feet, no matter what measure of the vessels, carried out under local anesthesia, and for side effects are not defined for in aesthetic medicine.

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