Women Hair Transplant

When to use Women Hair Transplant?

Hair has fascinated humans since the beginning of time, and it is normal to feel concerned if your hair is thinning, for women, there are many life changes and factors that can cause her hair thinning such as: stress, hormonal changes, menopause age, along with covering the hair for long periods of time, lack of vitamins, pattern baldness caused by a combo of genes, alopecia, burns or scars, and other factors.
If you’re suffering with one of the previous causes, no need to worry, because 40% of women in the world are facing the same issues, and here we are in Padra Clinic presenting you the safest guaranteed methods of hair transplantation to get your dreams hair,

Your Eyebrows Transplantation and Restoration in Padra Clinic

  1. The first day: You will have your consultation session with your doctor, and then the implant will take place for 3 to 6 hour. There are three stages of the implant the first one is the extraction of the monocular hair follicle, the second is the preparation of the beard and/ or moustache and the third is the implementation of hair follicles with controlling the precise direction of normal hair growth.
  2. The second day: Will be to recover and enjoy the beauty of Kuwait.
  3. Finally, in the third day: you will get the donor and transplanted areas washed, to safely and confidently go back to your country with your new look.

Our experts will follow up with you after you leave until at least one year of your Implant.
Our professionals will always be with your company all along your trip; to be sure your journey is as pleasurable and comfortable as possible.
To book your Hair Transplantation Journey with Padra, to get your free medical consultation; or for more information, please submit your information here or contact us directly through our phone number
+965 98 87 72 76 / 60 66 75 44(Whatsapp and Viber calls and messages are available too).

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